How did this  journey begin? was created by CSA Software and Consultancy in 2018 cause of  speed up the internal business processes and follow these processes electronically. It has taken the current form by customer demands over time. It will continue to be develop! In 2019, was launched as a product of CSA Software and Consultancy Ltd. & Co.

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Managing Your Business is Much More Easier with Now!

How can provide your company’s efficieny ?

User Convenience

Time Management Convenience

Contact to Customer Convenience

Customer Performs Management

Employee Tracking Control

Employee Performance Management

How integrate to firms?

Creating a Cloud Server

Creating a Cloud system for Company

Processing The Data

Integrating the necessary informations about the company to the support system by us or the company users

User Management Adjusting

Restricting of employees within the organization to access to support system

Go Live

As a result of all adjustments, is available for organizations employees is always with you

Thanks to the mobile compatibly interface of, you can connect to your support system from any device and manage your support system via the internet.